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Foundation Day 2016 Celebrated at Metro Bhawan

On June 9th 2016, FRNV completed eight years of its existence. To mark the occasion, FRNV celebrated its Foundation Day at DMRC auditorium, Metro Bhawan, New Delhi. The objective of this event was to celebrate FRNV’s various programmes and initiatives as well as take suggestions from friends and members on making the organization more effective

Sanitation, Hygiene and Cleanliness

Sanitation is a physical measure that has probably done more to increase human life span than any other drug or surgery. To lead a healthy lifestyle, it is very essential to maintain proper sanitation and cleanliness. In today’s times when there are severe outbreaks of life threatening diseases, it is paramount to ensure functioning provisions

Workshop to Co-create Standards of Integrity for the Educational Ecosystem

22 August 2009 A workshop was held on 22nd August 2009 in New Delhi to jointly co-create standards for Values for inculcation in the School Education System. Close to 40 individuals, including parents, principals, teachers, students, school Management, policy makers, participated in the half-day event. In 6 groups, the participants deliberated upon values each of

Event on Co-creation of National Value-based Education System

5 Spetember 2010 An event was organized by FRNV on the Teachers’ Day September 5, 2010 for cocreation of a value-based education system for schools, Sri Tajendra Khanna (Lt. Governor, GNCT of Delhi), Dr. Kiran Bedi, IPS, Dr. E. Sreedharan and some noted educationists were present along with Principals/Teachers/Management of more than 100 Schools. It

Workshop on Leading Businesses with Ethics and Integrity

8 April 2016 A one day workshop on Leading Businesses with Ethics and Integrity was organised at Lalit Hotel on April 8, 2016. Senior Business Executives from major PSUs and private sector, lawyers and representatives from   audit companies participated in the event.  President of FRNV  and ‘Metro Man’ Dr E. Sreedharan exhorted participants to follow

Upcoming Task Force Meeting

28 January 2016 A Value Based Education-Task Force Meeting is to be held  at our Shivalik office soon to define the terms of reforms for the task force as we embark on introducing VBE in various schools.

Meeting with Friends and Members of FRNV

27  October 2015 A meeting  with Friends and Members of FRNV was held to discuss the next steps for FRNV’s National Value Based Education (NVBE) initiative. The meeting was held at our office in Shivalik. It was agreed that Advocacy for including Value Based Education (VBE)  in schools was an important initiative that needed urgent attention.

Why Values are Important?

Values are the anchor, the compass, that  guide us through life. When we move at a very fast pace, like we often do in big cities and metros , we lose sight of the reality, the truth, the larger picture. But if we are well grounded in our values, they act as our guide, helping

Ethics and Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Sexual harassment at workplace though has existed from time immemorial, has acquired distinct proportions in the existing milieu. From debates and discussions in the parliament to judicial pronouncements at the apex courts and from training in corporate houses to household dinners, it has become a contested terrain of perspectives. While there has been an overarching

Conference on ‘Nurturing Ethical Leadership in India’

9 August 2015 A Conference on ‘Nurturing Ethical Leadership in India’ was organised at India International Centre. People from different walks of life including the Government, the private sector, civil society and the media attended the day long event. A souvenir was released on the occasion, by the President , Dr. E. Sreedharan. The conference

20 Jun 2011

Ever since the Joint Committee to draft Lokpal Bill was formed, as a sequel to Anna Hazare’s fast, its Government members’ speeches and actions bespeak Government’s unwillingness to come up with a Lokpal bill to curb corruption firmly with alacrity. Existing laws and machinery having failed for over 30 years to contend corruption, makes it

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