Become a Member

Become a Member

Members of FRNV express their solidarity with the FRNV objective and actively engage  with the organisation in word, action, and deed. They wholeheartedly commit to imbibing our national values and consciously work towards spreading the FRNV initiatives amongst other citizens. They may also send contributions to support the activities of the Foundation.

FRNV membership is open to organisations and individuals from diverse geographical, cultural and professional backgrounds.To become a member, Kindly follow the link given Members Registration Form , fill in your details for the registration and email to us at


We are extremely grateful to our Life & Annual Members for their contribution, support and advice:

Life Members

  1. Br. Prasanna Swaroopa
  2. Dr. E. Sreedharan
  3. Mrs. Radha Krishnan
  4. Mrs. Deepti Rani Mehrotra
  5. Mrs. Savita Wakhlu
  6. Ms. Rima /Namrata Swaroopa
  7. Shri Akhileshwar Sahay
  8. Shri Anand Subramanyam Krishnan
  9. Shri Arun Kirpal
  10. Shri Ashwani Kumar
  11. Shri Bharat Wakhlu
  12. Shri Col. Shivraj Kumar
  13. Shri D.R. Kartikeyan
  14. Shri Gopal Ganesh
  15. Shri Hari Krishna Holla
  16. Shri M Ayaappan
  17. Shri Mahendra Pratap Singhal
  18. Shri N. Nagaraja Rao
  19. Shri Prem Arora
  20. Shri Rakesh Kumar Mittal
  21. Shri Ravi P Mehrotra
  22. Shri Ravindra Krishnappa
  23. Shri Satish Kumar
  24. Shri Sunil kumar sinha
  25. Shri Sushil Jain
  26. Shri V. Vishwanath

Annual Members

  1. Shri Ramesh Kumar
  2. Mrs. Geeta Karunakaran
  3. Ms. Rohini Khullar
  4. Ms. Sangeeta sharma
  5. Professor J.K. Mehta
  6. Shri Amba Dutt Bhatt
  7. Shri Anurag Mittal
  8. Shri Ram Niwas Malik


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