Regional Chapters

Why do we need Regional Chapters?

Foundation for Restoration of National Values aims at stimulating change in the positions of responsibility, at a germinal level. FRNV does not restrict itself within the region of Delhi and aims at expanding its motives to all parts of the country. The objectives of the organization will only be fruitfully achieved if it is implemented across the country.

The efficient functioning of the regional chapters will ensure effective implementation of police reforms in the different states as per Supreme Court directives, implementation of value-based education in the different tiers of education across all states of the country and to implement electoral and administrative reforms across the nation in an attempt to prevent value erosion and eradicate corruption.

Foundation for Restoration of National Values has five Regional Chapters:

  1. Kerala Chapter
  2. Jamshedpur Chapter
  3. Mumbai Chapter
  4. Chennai Chapter
  5. Bangalore Chapter

Kerala Chapter:

The Kerala Chapter was established with the main focus area being value based leadership training, mentoring, marketing, branding, business development and turnaround strategies. It aims to restore the national and cultural values of the country so as to enrich and empower the administration as well as the citizens. It is dedicated towards strengthening ethical standards in the Parliament, the Executive, Judiciary and all other agencies that interface with citizens. It hopes to institute and propagate ethical knowledge and disciplines without any distinction of gender, caste, creed or religion.

Sri M. Ayyappan is the head of Kerala Chapter.

For details on the work being done by the chapter, Please contact to Sri M. Ayyappan at and

Jamshedpur Chapter:

The Jamshedpur Chapter was formally launched on 25 February 2009 with its primary focus being education. The chapter has been inactive for a while but it shall be active again very soon.

Mumbai Chapter:

The Mumbai Chapter was established with the aim of building a stronger nation through the means of spreading our mission across all major cities in India. It works actively towards creating awareness about national values, education and police reforms.

Chennai Chapter:

The Chennai Chapter was set up to stimulate awareness among all members of the civil society about the existing educational, judicial and police system in the country. It aspires to improve the ground level situation and strives dedicatedly to achieve this goal.

Bangalore Chapter:

The Karnataka Chapter of FRNV was inaugurated at Bangalore by FRNV President , Dr. E. Sreedharan on August 13, 2016. The event was attended by citizens of Bangalore from various walks of life.

General Secretary of FRNV Sri Bharat Wakhlu and CEO Ms. Anupama Jha attended the event. Sri V. Vishwanath is the head of Karnataka Chapter.

For details on the work being done by the chapter, Please contact to Shalini at and

The efficient functioning of the existing Regional Chapters will be ensured and new Regional Chapters will be established in coming years to achieve the aspired goals of the organization.

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